Steadicam is an image stabilization system that, due to its technical characteristics, allows the camera to be in several action spaces, with stabilized images.

Since Mr. Garret Brown conceived the Steadicam in 1974, several accessory mechanisms have been developed, with the aim of improving this stabilizing equipment, allowing an increasingly improved, dynamic and audacious capture.

AR (Auto Revolution) is a system that, coupled with Steadicam, allows the camera to switch from Hi to Low mode, continuously, without loss of stability. This revolutionary equipment allows a dynamic increase of the action, providing a greater creative freedom to the directors, cinematographers and producers.

With the approach to new technologies, MK-V together with Ruben Sluijter developed an application that they called OMEGA. This App allows AR to have new and improved functions, which are controlled by the director or DoP, through an Ipad or Iphone.

The movements that can be performed with Omega, such as tilting the image between 0 and 360º, or several 360º rotations with greater or lesser speed, among others, are just some of the functions, which are available in this new APP - OMEGA.

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